Soakaway Cornwall

BRE365 Soakaway Testing – Gunnislake, Cornwall

Percolation tests determine the size of soakaways and drainage fields required for future works.

They consist of digging a hole either by hand or with an excavator. Digging the hole where you think the soakaway will be required is good practice as it will give the best results from the test.

D.Hall Plant Hire & Groundworks mobilised our Case CX80C (8T) excavator. The reason for using this machine was that we could lift the 1000L IBC containers of the trailer directly over the hole. Each test consisted of 2000L of water. Usually, we would use a tractor and bowser, but due to the tight access to the site, we couldn’t get a tractor and bowser close enough to the job.

As soon as the 2000l of water was dispersed into the hole, the stopwatch started, with measurements taken every 10 minutes until the hole was empty. The test was then repeated twice.

We then passed our results over to a drainage engineer, who will provide a detailed report detailing how big of a soakaway is required if it pasts the test.

We have now received the report from the drainage engineer, which means we could price the groundworks and drainage package accurately for this new extension near Gunnislake, Cornwall.