Power Floated Floor Devon Cornwall

Groundworks Callington, Cornwall

D.Hall Plant Hire & Groundworks have recently undertaken the groundworks for this double garage just outside of Callington, Cornwall

After visiting the site and providing a free quote for the works as detailed by the client’s architect and structural engineer we were awarded this project just outside of Callington in the village of Kelly Bray Cornwall.

Our works involved setting out the excavation so the works could proceed, excavation of the foundations, liaising with the building inspector, electric and drainage ducting, blockwork up slab height, importing type 1 stone to form the sub base, sand blinding, reinforcing mesh followed by a power floated C35 Concrete slab.

We also undertook the storm drainage on this project which consisted of a soakaway crate system and associated pipework.

All of the excavated material was taken off-site to a licensed tip.

Site Clearance Callington for new garage
Site Clearance Kelly Bray
Poured Foundations Callington
Foundation Concreted
Foundation upto dpc Callington
Building foundation
Concrete Floor Callington
Concrete Floor Callington
Wacker Plate Callington
Concrete Floor Callington
Garage Foundations Callington, Cornwall

Power Floated Floor Devon Cornwall
Power Float Concrete Floor Kelly Bray, Callington

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